All These Sleepless Nights

All These Sleepless Nights

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Released: April 14, 2017
Director: Michal Marczak
Producer: Thomas Benski, Marta Golba, Julia Nottingham
Studio: The Orchard
Cast: Krzysztof Baginski, Michal Huszcza
Genre: Documentary
Length: 100 minutes
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All These Sleepless Nights Overview

After Kris, 24, breaks up with his long-time girlfriend, anything seems possible. He and Michal, handsome and wide-eyed, roam the metropolis at night, floating from party to party and encounter to encounter.

As they chain-smoke, drink, and dance with abandon to pulsing DJ rhythms in Warsaw's city squares and makeshift clubs, big ideas are as palpable as the romance and sex in the air.

In Polish with English subtitles.