A Simple Curve Overview

Raised in British Columbia’s majestic Slocan Valley by draft-dodger parents, Caleb understand his father Jim’s reverence for woodworking, soy products, and geodesic theory—just not his determined effort to achieve economic disaster at every turn. Jim’s relentlessly groovy business decisions have brought them to the brink of ruin, and as the junior partner in their carpentry shop, Caleb is powerless to stop the fiscal self-sabotage.

When an old friend of the family named Matthew arrives from the USA to build a fishing lodge, Caleb sees a chance to turn his fortunes around—provided he can keep Jim distracted long enough. Juggling mounting debts, freeloading hippie houseguests, and a budding love life, Caleb hatches a secret scheme with Matthew to save the business. But his small deception leads to colossal betrayal, propelling Caleb to that cherished moment in every young man's life when he must stand up to his father, once and for all.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: A Canadian production, filmed in British Columbia. The director and most of the cast are Canadian.