19 Months Overview

Science has postulated that romantic love has an expiry date of approximately 19 months, and Rob (Benjamin Ratner) and Melanie (Angela Vint) have decided they do not want to be in a relationship past its due date. So do they just end it? Not exactly. In order to avoid the usual pain, jealousy and loneliness so many others go through during a break up Rob and Melanie have agreed to stay together until each of them has found a new partner.

They invite a documentary filmmaker to show the world their "new and better way of breaking up." With cameras following them everywhere they go, it quickly becomes evident that this couple's brilliant plan is not going to be as simple in practice as it sounds on paper. It seems that rather than having come up with a revolutionary "new way of loving," Rob and Melanie are destined to act out the painful and typical break up they tried so hard to avoid. The last shreds of "the plan" fall away, leaving Rob and Melanie to pick up the pieces in front of the nosy and manipulative film crew.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Actors Kari Matchett and Sergio Dizio; filmed in Toronto, Ontario