West Mall 7 Theatres

2101 West 41st Street
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
(605) 332-3838

Movie Showtimes

Showtimes from Thursday July 30 to Wednesday August 5


Thu Jul 30:
4:15pm  7:00pm  9:15pm  

Avengers: Age of Ultron(PG-13)

Thu Jul 30:
12:00pm  3:00pm  6:00pm  9:00pm  


Thu Jul 30:
12:15pm  2:30pm  

Mad Max: Fury Road(R)

Thu Jul 30:
1:00pm  4:30pm  7:00pm  9:30pm  

Pitch Perfect 2(PG-13)

Thu Jul 30:
11:40am  2:00pm  4:20pm  6:45pm  9:10pm  

San Andreas(PG-13)

Thu Jul 30:
11:40am  2:00pm  4:30pm  7:00pm  9:20pm  

Selfless (Self/less)(PG-13)

Thu Jul 30:
11:40am  2:00pm  4:25pm  7:00pm  9:30pm  

Woman in Gold(PG-13)

Thu Jul 30:
1:00pm  4:00pm  6:45pm  9:10pm