Tenth Frame Cinemas

930 Camargo Road
Mount Sterling, Kentucky
(859) 497-2517

Movie Showtimes

Showtimes from Wednesday May 23 to Tuesday May 29

Avengers: Infinity War(PG-13)

Wed May 23:
12:50pm  1:45pm  4:15pm  6:20pm  7:35pm  9:45pm  

Book Club(PG-13)

Wed May 23:
1:40pm  4:35pm  7:30pm  10:00pm  

Breaking In(PG-13)

Wed May 23:
1:35pm  4:40pm  7:40pm  9:55pm  

Deadpool 2(R)

Wed May 23:
1:15pm  1:25pm  4:15pm  4:25pm  7:15pm  7:25pm  9:55pm  10:00pm  

Life of the Party(PG-13)

Wed May 23:
1:00pm  4:00pm  7:20pm  9:45pm  

Show Dogs(PG)

Wed May 23:
1:05pm  4:05pm  7:05pm  9:45pm  

Solo: A Star Wars Story(PG-13)

Thu May 24:
7:00pm  9:55pm