Regency 8 Cinema

1868 Highway 192 West
London, Kentucky
(606) 877-7775

Movie Showtimes

Showtimes from Thursday February 11 to Wednesday February 17

Dirty Grandpa(R)

Thu Feb 11:
1:40pm  4:05pm  7:10pm  9:10pm  

Fifty Shades of Black(R)

Thu Feb 11:
1:55pm  4:25pm  7:15pm  9:05pm  

Kung Fu Panda 3(PG)

Thu Feb 11:
1:45pm  4:15pm  7:05pm  9:00pm  

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies(PG-13)

Thu Feb 11:
1:55pm  4:25pm  7:10pm  9:15pm  

Ride Along 2(PG-13)

Thu Feb 11:
1:35pm  4:05pm  7:10pm  

The 5th Wave(PG-13)

Thu Feb 11:

The Boy(PG-13)

Thu Feb 11:
1:30pm  4:00pm  7:15pm  9:00pm  

The Choice(PG-13)

Thu Feb 11:
1:50pm  4:20pm  7:00pm  9:10pm  

The Finest Hours(PG-13)

Thu Feb 11:
1:40pm  4:10pm  7:05pm  9:10pm