Village Centre Cinemas - Lewiston

2920 Nez Perce Drive
Lewiston, Idaho
(208) 798-8080

Movie Showtimes

Showtimes from Tuesday November 21 to Monday November 27

A Bad Moms Christmas(R)

Tue Nov 21:
4:30pm  7:20pm  9:45pm  

Daddy's Home 2(PG-13)

Tue Nov 21:
4:15pm  6:50pm  9:30pm  

Happy Death Day(PG-13)

Tue Nov 21:
4:40pm  9:55pm  

Justice League(PG-13)

Tue Nov 21:
4:20pm  7:10pm  9:25pm  10:00pm  

Justice League in 3D(PG-13)

Tue Nov 21:
3:40pm  6:30pm  

Let There Be Light(PG-13)

Tue Nov 21:
3:50pm  6:25pm  9:00pm  

Murder on the Orient Express(PG-13)

Tue Nov 21:
3:50pm  7:00pm  9:50pm  

Only the Brave(PG-13)

Tue Nov 21:
3:25pm  6:35pm  9:40pm  

The Star(PG)

Tue Nov 21:
3:50pm  6:10pm  8:30pm  

Thor: Ragnarok(PG-13)

Tue Nov 21:
3:20pm  3:45pm  6:20pm  6:45pm  9:20pm  9:45pm  


Tue Nov 21:
4:00pm  6:40pm  7:15pm  9:20pm