Regal Pavilion Stadium 14

5547 S. Williamson Blvd
Port Orange, Florida
(800) 326-3264

Movie Showtimes

Showtimes from Wednesday September 3 to Tuesday September 9

As Above, So Below(R)

Wed Sep 3:
12:25pm  2:45pm  5:10pm  7:40pm  10:20pm  

Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For(R)

Wed Sep 3:
5:15pm  10:25pm  

Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For 3D(R)

Wed Sep 3:
12:15pm  2:40pm  7:45pm  

Guardians of the Galaxy(PG-13)

Wed Sep 3:
12:45pm  7:25pm  

Guardians of the Galaxy 3D(PG-13)

Wed Sep 3:
4:00pm  10:40pm  

If I Stay(PG-13)

Wed Sep 3:
1:50pm  4:35pm  7:35pm  10:25pm  

Into the Storm(PG-13)

Wed Sep 3:
12:55pm  3:15pm  5:45pm  8:05pm  10:35pm  

Let's Be Cops(R)

Wed Sep 3:
12:00pm  2:55pm  5:25pm  7:55pm  10:40pm  


Wed Sep 3:
12:20pm  2:55pm  5:30pm  8:00pm  10:30pm  

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(PG-13)

Wed Sep 3:
1:30pm  7:05pm  

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D(PG-13)

Wed Sep 3:
4:15pm  9:50pm  

The Expendables 3(PG-13)

Wed Sep 3:
1:10pm  4:25pm  7:15pm  10:15pm  

The Giver(PG-13)

Wed Sep 3:
12:05pm  2:35pm  5:05pm  7:40pm  10:20pm  

The Hundred-Foot Journey(PG)

Wed Sep 3:
12:55pm  4:00pm  7:10pm  10:10pm  

The November Man(R)

Wed Sep 3:
12:00pm  2:40pm  5:20pm  8:05pm  10:40pm  

When the Game Stands Tall(PG)

Wed Sep 3:
1:25pm  4:10pm  7:00pm  10:00pm